Extra Provincial For Foreigner

Extra provincial registration for foreigners refers to the process of registering a corporation from another Canadian province or country with a Canadian province for business or commercial purposes. This process allows foreign corporations to operate in Canada, conduct transactions, sign contracts, and provide services within the province they are registered in.

Extra-provincial registration for foreigners is a necessary process for foreign corporations to operate in Canada. The process involves selecting a province, completing a name pre-search, obtaining name approval, preparing legal paperwork, and providing additional services such as assistance with opening a bank account and providing legal and accounting services. With the support of industry Canada-registered agents and legal and accounting teams, the process is smooth and easy.



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Extra-Provincial Registration for Non Resident

The package includes the following

✓Agency fees and government fees
✓Completing name pre-search and obtaining name approval from government
✓Order review by a specialist to ensure your are doing it correctly
✓Article, by laws, minutes, resolutions and securities prepared by our legal team
✓Assistance and guidelines on opening a Canadian bank account.
✓Full one year service support

Additional services available

★Attorney service in Canada for your corporation
★Registered office address and mail scanning to email service
★Set up GST/HST account, payroll account, export-import account, WCB account etc.
★Canadian domain name registration (www.yourcompany.ca)
★Other legal and accounting services (annual return, corporate tax filing, shareholder agreement etc.)

We are an agent of Industry Canada

We are a registered agent of Industry Canada and set up your corporation directly with government.

We are backed by our own our legal team

All out legal filing and documents preparation are done by our legal and accounting team.

Experienced and professional team

Our team includes corporate lawyers, incorporation specialists, chartered accountants. Therefore, all works are done professionally and correctly with correct corporation act and the latest CRA regulations.

100% money back guarantee

If we set up your business in an incorrect method or fail to file with government, we issue 100% money back to you.

Phone & live chat support

You can directly talk to us or have a live chat on our website between 9 am to 7 pm, eastern time.
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Incorporation Date

  • Note: Future incorporation date must be within next 30 days from the current date

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Service Speed & Method

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Corporate Name

Foreign corporations can apply for an Extra Provincial Registration to establish their business presence in the Ontario. Entrepreneurs and companies from every corner of the globe are flocking to Canada to capitalize on its booming market, irrespective of their place of origin.


How fast can I get docs?

An extra-provincial registration in is a two step process, getting approved for the name and then the registration. It normally takes 3 to 4 weeks to process. However, government has introduced Express and Urgent queue for those who has time limitation. The fastest service is in urgent queue.

How name approval works?

As an agent of Industry Canada, we have direct access to corporation name database. Prior to submission, we conduct a name pre-search first, to ensure the name is free from conflict. If pre-search result shows good, we submit for name approval. If pre-search result shows conflict, we will request you for alternative names by email, up to 3 names at free of cost.

Any rule for corporate name?

Yes, generally a name should have two elements: distinctive and descriptive. The distinctive element is the most important factor. It simply cannot describe the business activities, rather it has to be an unique element that distinguishes the name from others. An example, the name "Canada Car Wash" lacks of distinctiveness, while "Michael Johnson Car Wash" has ideal distinctiveness. For now, you may propose the ideal name that is in your mind. If it doesn't work, we will contact you.
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Corporation's Registered Address

It is mandatory to have a Ontario Physical address to Register your Extra provincial Registration in Ontario. PO Box number is not allowed to use. If you do not have a Ontario Address you can use our reasonable office and mailing scanning services.

I acknowledge that I was offered mail scanning service. I will not hold Business Ontario responsible for any loss or damage or penalty caused by missing government letters and notices.


What is registered address?

It is the location which your are reporting to the government as of your business location. It must be in the province you are registering and must be a physical address (not virtual nor PO Box). All governmental documents will go to this address.

Can I change it later?

Yes, it can be changed later through our website.

Is the address service renewable?

Yes, you have the choice to renew it on an annual basis. Normally, the price remains same.
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Select your Attorney in this Province

As a Foreigner or outsider of selected province you must have an Attorney or Registered Agent. If you want you can select Business Ontario for your Attorney or Registered Agent at a lowest cost

Why need attorney in Canada?

A non-resident living outside of Canada must appoint an attorney in Canada to register his business in Canada. If you have made an arrangement with any lawyer, you may provide here the details. If you haven't arrange the attorney yet, we can provide the attorney service. Please select the correct option.

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Articles of Incorporation

Rights, privileges, restrictions and conditions (if any) attaching to each class of shares and directors' authority with respect to any class of shares which may be issued in series. If there is only one class of shares, enter "Not Applicable"

The issue, transfer or ownership of shares is/is not restricted and the restrictions (if any) are as follows. If none, enter "None"

Other provisions, if any. Enter other provisions, or if no other provisions enter “None”

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Post Incorporation (Mandatory) Filing

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Existing Documents

Please provide us most currently updated Documents to avoid processing delay

If you have other documents that associated with your Business please send us in email in mentioning your Order Number 

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Owner/Director Details


Who is the primary owner?

Primary owner is the the overall head of the corporation. The banking legislation in Canada requires, all the owners to be present during bank account opening. Therefore, it is advisable not to add many owners. Once bank account is opened, additional owner can be added easily through our website.

How about doing for a client?

If you are incorporating on be half of a client, please do not write your name here. This place is the name of the primary owner of the corporation. We don't contact this person, rather we contact the person mentioned in billing address. You can write your details in the billing address during checkout.

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Second Director


Can I add a director/owner later?

Yes. A director/owner can be added or removed at a later time. That could be done through our website. In most cases only one owner is added initially since the banking legislation in Canada requires, all the owners to be present during bank account opening. After bank account opened, other owners can be easily added on our website.

Any age restriction for a director/owner?

A director/owner must be an individual who is 18 year old or more.

How about doing for a client?

If you are doing for a client, you may write the client's name as the owner. We do not contact your clients, rather we contact the person in billing. You may write your details in billing address.

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3rd Director

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4th Director

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5th Director

  • If you have more than 5 Directors you may send us their details in our email (info@business-ontario.ca)
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Corporate Support and Supplies

For .CA Domain Registration (mywebsite.ca)Registrant must be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada. Our IT specialist will register the domain and set up everything for you. You will receive a user name and password

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Final Review


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