Master Business Licence

There is no more Master Business Licence exist in Ontario since Oct. 19,2021
Now it is called Business Name Registration

Service Fees  $49
For all regular type of business.
Add on Available : Pick & Choose

Service Fees  $49
Government Fees Included
Add-on Available: Pick & Choose

Service Fees  $49
Government Fees Included
Add-on Available: Pick & Choose

Master Business License Services in Ontario

There is no more Master Business Licence exist in Ontario since Oct. 19,2021. Now it is called Business Name Registration. Formerly, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership and Trade Name all together  were called Master Business License. Now

Sole Proprietorship is Called ” Business Name Registration for a Sole Proprietorship”

General Partnership is called “Firm Name Registration for a General Partnership

Trade Name is called ” Business Name Registration for a Corporation

If you would like to see a sample of Current  (MBL), I kindly request you to refer to the provided photo. The photo displays the relevant business information, including the registered business name, business type, and other pertinent details

Master Business Licence:
The Master Business Licence is a provincial registration allows businesses to operate in a Ontario.
Who needs a Master Business Licence:
This applies to individuals who want to start a proprietorship, partnership or corporation’s trade name. Simply put, any person entity that engages in commercial activity in Ontario, for example, requires a Master Business Licence. However, there are different types of businesses are exempt from this requirement, such as non-profit organizations those related provincial and federal governments. It is important to note that the must be renewed to ensure that business remains in compliance with the in place.
How apply for a Master Business Licence:
To apply for a Master Business Licence, individuals must first ensure they meet all the eligibility. Once all the requirements have been met, individuals can apply for a Master Business Licence online through Govt website or in-person or online through with Business Ontario. The online application process involves completing the necessary forms paying the required fees, and submitting supporting documents. It is important for to have all their information and documentation prepared before applying to avoid any delays or issues.
Application process:
Typically, the applicant must first choose a business name and ensure that it is available for use. After this, the application must include the of business, the location and the name and address of the business owner. In most cases, the applicant must also provide information on their business and confirm compliance with relevant laws and regulations. application can be submitted online or through paper forms, with fees depending on the and the type of business. Once the application is processed and approved, the Master Licence will be issued, the business to operate legally in.
Renewal and Maintenance Master Business Licence:
To maintain valid Master Business Licence, it’s essential to renew it within the deadline and this is valid for 5 years. Failure to renew on may result your business may be suspended or even the cancellation your licence . The renewal is relatively straightforward. You can renew Master Business Licence online with us or government’s website. The application requires that you provide a valid business address and contact information, business activity or description. It crucial to ensure that your business licence is updated and renewed on to avoid any unnecessary disruptions to operations.

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