Master Business Licence: Register or Renew

Registration (formerly a Master Business Licence) for Sole Proprietorship, Partnership and Trade Name registrations is valid for 5 years in Ontario. We can Register or Renew with us in Urgent speed 2 hours.

Service FeesĀ  $40
For all regular type of business.
Add on Available : Pick & Choose

Service FeesĀ  $40
Government Fees Included
Add-on Available: Pick & Choose

Service FeesĀ  $40
Government Fees Included
Add-on Available:Ā Pick & Choose

The Master Business Licence is business set up for 3 specific business types:

1.Sole Proprietorship (1 person).Ā 
2.General Partnership (2 or more individuals or corporations)
3.Trade Name (ā€œdoing business as/operating as) name under an existing Corporation)

What does a master business licence provide?

  1. Registration is valid for a 5 year period
  2. Gives you the legal right to operate under your business name within Ontario
  3. To open a Bank account, tax accounts, obtain cheques, business cards
  4. Advertise and promote the business name

Ā  What are some limitations of a masterĀ  Ā business licence?

  1. Name protection against other business names in Ontario
  2. Corporate tax benefits
  3. Continual registration
  4. Liability protection for the individual owner
  5. Flexibility to make changes to the registration